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  • 2010 Lincoln MKS

    Lincoln MKS
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    • Check over for services.
    • Dot 3 Brake flush includes: Check brake fluid for moisture & contamination. Visually inspect master cylinder, calipers & wheel cylinders for leaks & proper operation. Flush all contaminated brake fluid from system & replace with up to two quarts of new fluid. Road test.
    • Feels like master cylinder is bypassing internally.
    • Flush cooling system with proper mixture of coolant. Pressure test cooling system for leaks if needed. Bring antifreeze to -35 degrees. Balance pH level between 9.8 & 10.5. Visually inspect radiator cooling fan for proper operation.
    • Flush transmission valve body, cooler, cooler line, torque converter and all internal parts with new transmission fluid. Install transmission additive after replacing all the old transmission fluid with new fluid.
    • Inspect suspension and steering components, front & rear end alignment adjustments as needed and center steering wheel. Additional charges for removal of components for shim installation and alignment shims.
    • Inspect system for leaks. Flush all contaminated power steering fluid from rack & pinion/ gearbox, steering lines & power steering pump. Replace with clean fluid. Road test for proper operation.
    • Lower control arm bushings are bad. Front shocks may be getting weak? Back shocks are bouncing a little too much.
    • Motor Oil and Standard Filter Service including up to 5qts. of Synthetic Blend engine oil. Lubricate chassis where required. Check and top off fluid levels. Check tire pressure. Inspect drive belts and cooling system hoses. Reset oil change reminder indicator where applicable.
    • Mount & balance 4 tires. Torque lug nuts to manufacturer's specifications.
    • Replace front struts
    • Replace lower control arm bushings / brackets
    • Replace master cylinder
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